Ashley McFarland

"When my parents first told me we were going to Ireland I felt very excited. I was eight at the time, so I remember some confusion, like why couldn't I spend the night with my best friend anymore."

"My favorite memories from the past twelve years in Ireland are family prayer times. My father often calls us all together for family prayer when he feels we've been struggling. We've never had to fight a battle alone."

"I respect my parents so greatly. Never have I heard my mother complain about hard labor. She has taught me to do everything without murmuring or complaining. My father has taught me to be a servant at all times and to jump at the chance to do something great for God. He often says, "Don't make permanent decisions in temporary situations" and to "Have a passion for God and compassion for people."

"Though I miss my family in the States dearly, there's no where I would rather be than Ireland."

Ashley is currently on the Ireland mission field as an AIMer but will be attending Indiana Bible College beginning this Fall.